Brenda Edington, Content Research Director

Brenda grew up in Sudbury attending local schools and enjoyed a variety of regional sports. She pursued multiple business opportunities in Sudbury and Northern Ontario. 

Her great-great grandfather A. C. Edwards came to Manitoulin Island and settled as a tourist in the 1880's. He established a family camp at the source of the Manitou River, which stands today. Her family is currently enjoying their sixth generation, with one Haweater born 2021.

The Irving Cottage is the next camp along the shoreline of Sandfield Bay, which is part of her family heritage. It was built in the 1800's, as a hunting/fishing getaway for a Mr. Irving from Manitowaning. Her grandfather purchased the Irving Cottage in the 50's. It has seen two major restoration/renovations, one in 1955 and the other in 1989. 

Brenda arrived on the Island as an infant and stayed at the Irving Cottage. A few years later her family moved to Shelltrough Bay on the North Channel near the Rowe Settlement. Here they were able to spend summers learning and experiencing a wide range of activities on the channel and on land. She returned to the Irving Cottage, as an adult and summered there for ten years. She participated with local groups and community activities, not to mention an abundance of family members. After purchasing vacant land on the North Channel near Honora Bay, she built a log cabin and spent her spring, summers and fall living off-the-grid; while improving her skills and exploring by horseback, boating, hunting, fishing, hiking and camping throughout Manitoulin Island for the next 14 years. She returned to Sandfield where she built a four season home and enjoyed an eight year course of volunteering, palliative care support and winter activities, until 2019. At present having succeeded to the Irving Cottage, back to where it all began, she is finally settled.

Historically, her family has been involved in the preservation and care of waterways and lands. She recognizes the value of service in the protection of our lake’s ecosystems and would like to continue this family stewardship tradition.