David Kains, Lake Steward

Dave is originally from the London area in southern Ontario where he grew up in the 50’s on a dairy farm. His family farm had a river running through it and that perhaps explains his early interest in the outdoors. 

He went to the University of Guelph to study Resources Management; following that he worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, as a Fish and Wildlife Technician in Clinton for 6 years. It was while in Guelph, he took an introductory course in Beekeeping; and an Apiary course at Fairview College in Peace River country, in northern Alberta. He stayed on and worked in the College Apiculture Program and also at the Beaverlodge Experimental Station, which led him into Commercial Beekeeping with a company he called, Star Thistle Apiaries in Grey County. 

Twenty years ago, in 2002, he decided to retire from commercial beekeeping and his wife Nancy retired from teaching. It was their love of water and all it had to offer that helped make the decision of where they should live for retirement. As a result they chose Manitoulin Island and moved to the shores of Lake Manitou, near Big Lake and they love it! 

They have continued with a few bees, added chickens and a sugar bush. As part of being on the LMAA his interest is in water sampling, which is just another good excuse to take a boat ride on beautiful Lake Manitou!