Heather Roy, Online Store Director

Heather was born and raised in Toronto. The family cottage she grew up with is in the Kawarthas, and it was a bigger influence on her childhood than the house in the city. She went to A.Y. Jackson Secondary School and enjoyed geography, music and phys ed, then went to Trent University for Environmental Studies.

She and her husband Gaston Roy have three girls; all grown, and a poodle. They used to come to the island on day trips, but started looking for their 'forever camp' a few years ago, and after searching far and wide, found their perfect spot on Lake Manitou. Their cottage is located on Camp Mary Anne Road, Gibraltar Bay side. They bought it in 2019 and did a lot of relatively minor renovations, repairs, redecorating and gardening. But ideas never stop sprouting and you are never really finished!

Her interest in becoming part of the LMAA is to be a part of the ‘community’ of the lake, and because she feels an obligation to help protect it. Water quality is is of upmost importance as well as measures to keep out invasive species and prevent algae blooms.

She loves gardening (vegetables, flowers and plants), although her gardens are more of a 'deer buffet'. Bird watching, kayaking, sauna-ing, star-gazing and falling asleep to the sound of the loons and owls are some of her favourite things. She enjoys all of the seasons of Lake Manitou and all of the changes they bring.