Broad scale fisheries monitoring program

Dear Members of the Lake Manitou Area Association,

Some of you may be aware the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry have been on Lake Manitou this summer as part of their 2022 Broad Scale Fisheries Monitoring Program. We received a few emails and calls following the “Information Night” inquiring about what was going on as some members noticed 2 buoys set up in different parts of the lake with a net drawn between them.

After doing some inquiry, we were able to contact Michelle Gillespie who is the Fisheries Population Specialist with the Northeast Biodiversity and Monitoring Unit Science and Research Branch of the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry (formerly the MNR) and oversaw the program this year. She informed us that an email had been sent out in May to all lake partners and associations involved, informing them of the planned program for the summer of 2022.

We informed her that there had been some recent changes in the executive of the Lake Manitou Area Association and that an update was necessary for contacting us in the future and those updates were completed.

She also informed us this program has a 15 year history on Lake Manitou and past results were available in report form on the ministry website.

We also approached her about the possibility of the Ministry making a presentation to the membership next year about the program and the results they have acquired about Lake Manitou. She was open to the idea, and we will be working to secure a date for the presentation at the 2023 Annual General Meeting or the Information Night.

Finally, we will be including these reports in the fall newsletter as well as posting the reports on the LMAA website.

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