LMAA Education Committee History

Directors Peter Edward, John Edward, Mary Hutchinson, Doug Hutchinson and Alex Lochead, established the info night in 1993 from the level of interest at the AGMs, as they were becoming too long. 

In 1995 a special committee was formed to organize a separate Information/Education Night, which became an annual event open to the public. Knowledgeable speakers on a variety of topics were selected each year, followed by a question period and refreshments were served to encourage fellowship. 

Members of the original Education Committee included; Mary Lochead, Jill Gordon, Charlotte Edington and Pat Costigan.

In 2005-06, John Harvey joined the committee after his suggestion at the AGM to design a LMAA map of Lake Manitou. This was not to be a navigational map, but more of a cottagers’ map or a historical map listing the original names of the places around the lake. The map along with the accompanying booklet, Historical Tidbits of Lake Manitou have been very popular and profitable ventures by LMAA and its Education Committee.

​The Education Committee now consists of the following; Sharon Cooper (Chairperson), Ken Stewart, Nancy Kains, Marian Lochead and Pat Costigan.